Teen-focused fintech app Copper raises $29M Funding In Series B, Grows To Over 800,000 users

Copper is one of the famous fintech companies, and its app has been trending in recent times. This is just a startup company, but it is trying to focus on teens alone, making them addicted to it.


The company has also achieved good remarks with their strategy, so it is a more interesting one. The Teen-focused fintech app Copper raises $29M and grows to over 800,000 users in less than a year, which is the biggest record by any other fintech company. This is more useful for teens to make transactions with the help of stocks, bank investment, and even cryptocurrencies. This company started working in 2019 and is present in Seattle, Washington. This company has been giving the app for banking and other transactions safely targeting teens. This is also providing high-quality connectivity to them.

Funding details of this company

Copper is just a startup company and raised nine million dollars in the seed round. Thus, the capital raise will be above 42.3 million dollars from the year it started. The main thing is that the Copper company raised capital of about $29 million in Series A funding in the preemptive round. This kind of increase in capital raise has become possible among teens using this digital banking app. 

Who led the Series A funding?

As explained above, this famous digital banking company is keen on improving the standard of the company with the help of the extra features that are present. The features like cryptocurrency trading, secure P2P transactions, stock trading, etc. Thus, the teens will know everything, and the parents can control them easily with the help of this app. Thus after revealing this raise in the money, the investment occurs with the partners like Panoramic ventures, Invesco Private capitals, Insight ventures, etc. Also, the Teen-focused fintech app Copper raises $29M and grows to over 800,000 users in less than a year in the Series A funding, which is led by Fiat Ventures. Since Copper is the venture arm in the early stages, these Fiat Ventures have been formed, and that is the kind of bond for leading the Series A funding.

Statement of the co-founder and their mission

The CEO and Co-founder of the company Copper, Eddie Behringer, is interested in improving the company to a new level. According to the statement that he has provided, it has indicated in the statement that he never expected that tremendous trend among teens. This is more smooth, more secure, and more user-friendly for the teens and makes the parents more comfortable connecting with their teens. This is highly valuable to them and makes the teens keep using the app for immediate digital banking knowledge and saving time. Thus the company has the mission to increase cryptocurrency trading features and another advanced trading in a short time. Thus creating new education and the comfort of accessing the app among teens is their main mission. 

Fund receiver company and its service

This famous digital banking company has gained reach among three lakh customers alone, but now, This steep increase in a short period for this startup company is always the ultimate and best for the users. The company also said its revenue doubled compared to the previous year’s results. The copper app provides the features like getting more debit cards, accessing more than fifty thousand ATMs, and supporting digital wallets like Apple pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. 


Thus this famous teen-focused Copper company has received funding from Fiat Ventures for about $29 Million. All other existing investors for the Series A funding, like Invesco Private Capital, Insight partners, etc., participated in the funding round. Thus with the support of these investors, the company is facing a steep rise, and it also hopes that it will increase the feature of this copper digital banking app for improved productivity. 

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