What is JoinPD?


Pear Deck allows teachers to create interactive presentations and students can participate in fun sessions. Joinpd.com offers a link or a 5-digit code that will allow you to join a Pear deck session as a student. This guide will cover everything you need to know to join Pear deck.

JoinPD, a subdomain or microsite on PearDeck.com, allows students to participate in interactive presentations created and shared by their teachers via code or link. Teachers can share the code or link via email or SMS. It is not available anywhere else.

Join a Pear Deck session using Join Code:

Students can join Pear Deck sessions using the registration code shared with them by their teachers. If the teacher has enabled these settings, students may need a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account to join the session. They can join the session without username or avatar.

These steps will allow you to join a Pear deck session as a student using a membership code.

  1. Your teacher will give you the access JoinPD code to access the Pear Deck presentation or session. It may have been emailed or texted to the class group.
  2. Now launch a browser and visit www.joinpd.com (https://app.peardeck.com/join).
  3. Next, enter the 5-character membership code in the box.
  4. Wait for the Pear deck session to load.

You will automatically be logged into your account if your teacher asks you to log in via email. Or, you can choose to create an email account. You can sign up anonymously if they don’t ask you to provide your email address. For your presence in the session, you only need to choose a user name and an avatar.


Students can join sessions anonymously by creating an avatar or nickname. Students can view slides and answer questions, but their real names will not be displayed. Teachers will notice a prompt at the bottom that indicates students have joined with avatars or nicknames.

It’s a great way to have fun between classes. Teachers should ask students to register with their email for serious lessons.

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