About Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado

Quick Biography of Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado

Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado was welcomed on 2nd Feb 1970 in Columbia and spent half her life in the region. In recent years, her health deteriorated as she suffered a medical emergency, making it to the headlines. However, it was found that Nidia had a clot in her leg, aka vein thrombosis.

Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado: Height & Weight

Nidia Del Torrado is 5’5 ft tall with a body weight of 80 kg approx. Her beauty is impeccable, much like Shakira’s and we tell for sure who Shakira inherited her elegance from. 

Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado: Family members 

Shakira is the only biological daughter of Nidia with William, while she’s a stepmom to 8 others. She is married to William Mebarak Chadid, a Lebanese public figure who with his first wife gave birth to eight of Shakira’s step-siblings. William bid goodbye to his first wife after she met with a tragic road accident. 

Nidia and Shakira have good ties with the rest of the family but the only person who attained a position in the entertainment industry is Shakira. Nevertheless, her step-siblings are still as successful as she is in their relevant fields, with most working as managers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and so on. 

Early life & Education of Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado

Nidia Del is a citizen of Columbia, and native to Barranquilla. She was welcomed into a Christian family of mixed race. Most of her early life, educational background included, is not disclosed as she continues to remain private. 

Relationship & Married life of Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado

William and his first wife, Lucila had nine children but lost one when Shakira was two years old. After William’s unfortunate goodbye to his first wife, he met Nidia and both clicked right away. Today, the duo currently has only one biological child of their own but both have never been separated before and never will. William is said to be a part-time novelist, as such he was the main person authoring Shakira’s biography. 

Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado on social media

Nidia Torrado is nowhere to be found on social media.

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