Kristin Austin Wife Of Steve Austin: Bio, Married Life, Career, And Net Worth,

What does Steve Austin’s fourth (and last) wife, Kristin Austin do for a living? 


Steve Austin, who has a successful wrestling career and huge fandom worldwide is known to have a couple of failed marriages over and over again. But did you know Steve seems to have a happy marriage with his fourth wife, Kristen Austin? Well, Kristen herself is a whole personality and this article has all details of her.

Who is Kristen Austin? 

Steve Austin’s current wife, Kristin Austin grew a huge chunk of fame after her relationship with the wrestler came to light. Before her marriage, her name was Kristen Feres. She prefers to keep most of her details private but as far as it has been talked, she’s a native American and was born into a Christian family.

The physical appearance of Kristin Austin 

Kristen hasn’t officially revealed her body weight or height, but her blonde hair and gray eyes make her one of the most beautiful women.  

Family background of Kristin Austin 

Kristin Austin is apparently one of the most private people and has also decided to keep her family background confidential. And even her ethnicity is unknown. 

The early life of Kristin Austin 

Kristen was born and named Kristin Feres, who further changed her surname upon marriage to Steve. She was born and brought up in America and follows Christianity.

Educational background of Kristin Austin 

Again, there’s nothing known with certainty about Kristen. She pledged herself to keep all sorts of details away from the media. She also has said nothing publicly about her academic background. So, where she studied and what she majored in is still unknown.

What does Kristin Austin’s career look like? 

As for the public, they assume Kristin Austin to be a homemaker, considering she is a stepmother of four. However, it isn’t safe to assume so as there is little to no evidence or report on the same. 

The relationship status of Kristin Austin 

Kristen’s current relationship status is married

Married life of Steve and Kristin Austin

Before getting married to Kristen, Steve had three unsuccessful marriages. Kristin Austin and Steve got married in 2009 and according to him, his wife is a major backbone of his career. They currently reside in Marina Del Rey, California, and are often spotted together on several red carpets and WWE events. 

Kristin Austin’s Achievements

Kristen is such a private person that even if she had major achievements in life, she’s unlikely to come out in public. She must have had a charming personality to impress the wrestling champion, Steve Austin, and make him fall deeply in love. 

Does Kristen Austin have social media accounts? 

A person like Kristen Austin who’s always looking for privacy, isn’t active on any social media site but has a private account on Facebook. 

The net worth of Kristin Austin

Although her occupation and whether or not she’s a working wife is unknown, she is estimated to have a net worth of $100k


It can be seen alongside her husband on a few rare occasions at ‘The Steve Austin show’, which deliberately displays how much of a supportive wife she is. But at the end of the day, she chooses to maintain a private life. In fact, only her closest people can access her Facebook profile. She would never want the media attention for herself, neither her parents nor anyone else.

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