Latest Updates on the youngest daughter of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon – Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, net worth, career, and more


The famous daughter of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon: Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is recently getting a lot of attention from fans of the couple globally. She is the third and youngest member of the family but has already become a public figure thanks to her superstar parents. 

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque Looks, Age, Height & Weight

In 2023, she will turn 12 years old. The last time Vaughn’s height & weight details were reported, she stood tall at 3 ’10 ft

The family circle of Vaughn Evelyn Levesque

The family is made up of five members. Aurora is the eldest of all siblings and turns 17 this year, while Murphy Claire Levesque was born in 2008 just two years before Vaughn was born. Out of the three, only Aurora is ready to establish a wrestling career like the parents. 

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque Childhood and School Her family follows Christianity so most of her principles revolve around it. As a child, she was very interested in singing and dancing and engaged herself a lot in it. 

However, her childhood in-depth is unknown. Not even her education and school name are revealed. 

Is Vaughn Evelyn Levesque becoming a wrestler? 

Aurora Rose Levesque is all ready to make a debut in wrestling and has been training with Natalya for quite some time. As such, fans are eager to know if Vaughn’s joining her as well. Sadly, there’s not much info on her upcoming career in it and fans have to wait for a few more years. 

Love life of Vaughn Evelyn Levesque

Vaughn is too young to be dating someone. Of course, she is single, even if no reports officially have been released on the same. 

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque: Notable accomplishments

Again, Vaughn is quite young for awards or to count grand accomplishments. Nevertheless, her father is a WWE star who got his first championship in 1999 and the latest WWE hall of Fame in 2019. 

Is Vaughn Evelyn wealthy?

Vaughn does not have an independent source of income and hence, has no net worth while her father owns a net worth of $150 million. 


Given their fame, their children aren’t safe from unnecessary media attention as well regardless of how hard Vaughn’s parents have tried to keep them away from the media. 

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