Emma Hiddleston: Education, Career, Marriage, Family

Who Is Emma Hiddleston?

Emma Hiddleston is a British actress and also the sister of popular Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston. From a very young age only, she had been wanting to pursue a career in acting. At first, her career in the film industry began with some small, mostly insignificant roles, but her constant hard work and refinement of her talent eventually got her some notable works across the industry. Once she started getting bigger and better roles, things only started to look up for Emma.

Emma Hiddleston was born on the 9th of January, 1986 in the London Borough of Westminster. She was born to Diana Patricia Hiddleston (née Servaes) and James Norman Hiddleston. Her mother worked as a stage manager and arts administrator, while her father worked as a chemist and also was the managing director of a pharmaceutical company. If we talk about her heritage, her father is from Greenock, which is a town in Scotland, and her mother is from Suffolk, a county in England.

Emma is one of the three children of their parents and she is the youngest, tom hiddleston and Sarah Hiddleston are her two siblings Her parents divorced when she was very young.

Emma’s Education

She spent her early years in Wimbledon, and then later in Oxford. She studied acting at The Dragon School in Oxford, and later she pursued higher education at the University of Cambridge. Emma’s won a double degree in the subject of Anthropology and History from Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge and she graduated with honors, she also got musical training in vocals and was given a diploma in Soprano by The Trinity College of Music, in Dublin.

Emma Hiddleston Career and Work

Even though Emma Hiddleston prefers to stay away from the heavy limelight, she is still a talented actress and singer, she is represented by Christopher Farrar of the Hamilton Hodell and Partners agency. Some of her notable works were in Badge, where she starred alongside her brother Tom, Holby City, The Witcher: Wild Hunt, Father Brown, and more. The movie Badge received many accolades.

Emma Hiddleston Marriage

Emma Hiddleston married Jack Blackiston-Houston on 24th October 2015.

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