Nancy Putkoski: Wife Of Chef Anthony Bourdain, Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, And Net Worth

Introduction Of Nancy Putkoski

Nancy Putkoski is one of the most celebrities in America, and also she became famous because of her husband, Chef Anthony Bourdain. Before she got married to the Chef, she was not in the limelight. Therefore only after getting the marriage and also, even though they have got divorced still, the nancy putkoski in the limelight. Now, you will see her biography and other personal details clearly on this topic.

Who is nancy putkoski?

Nancy Putkoski came from a low background, but when she got married to Chef Anthony Bourdain she became the most notable person. She became popular after that, even though she lived with the Bourdain for only two decades. Since she likes to avoid the limelight, during the interview with Chef Anthony, the important information that he told is nancy putkoski has an interest in art and music. There are no clear details about her parents, and anything that is available will be updated soon.

Nancy Putkoski bio

About Nancy putkoski

Nancy Putkoski is an American woman who was born on 8th April 1955, in the United States, but she became popular only after getting married to Chef Anthony Bourdain. Her ethnicity is Caucasian, and her religion is Christianity. Nancy and Chef Anthony have known each other since high school and started to love each other. Their marriage was held in the year 1985, but in the year 2005, they got divorced. The reason is that her husband, who is a famous celebrity, and Chef Anthony have an extramarital affair.

Nancy putkoski age

Nancy Putkoski, who is the ex-wife of the famous and late Chef Anthony, is at the age of 65 currently. There is no personal information about her on the internet, which means that she is from a middle-class background.  

Nancy putkoski’s height and weight

She is not taller as her height is 5 feet 5 inches only. But when it comes to her weight, it is around 60 kg approximately, she is slim and fit even at this 65-year-old age. She has a sexy body figure of 33-28-32. Her shoe size is six, and her eye and hair colors are black.

Early life

Nancy was born to a middle-class family and grew up in New Jersey, as many people are saying. But there is no clear information about her parents and other details. She was earlier a little bad girl as she was addicted to drugs. But after her marriage to Chef Anthony Bourdain, she continued her normal life. She then got a degree from the art college in the year 1978.

Nancy putkoski Family

Nancy putkoski’s family information is not available correctly, but she does not have any children after getting married to Chef Anthony Bourdain. Her public appearance of her after the death of that person has disappeared.

Nancy putkoski Education

Nancy putkoski attended Dwight-Englewood high school, which her ex-husband attended in the 1970s. Then she continued her arts degree at the Vassar College, which is a private and coeducational institution that is located in Poughkeepsie.

Nancy putkoski Career

There is no clear information about her person as she will avoid the limelight mostly and also she will insist the celebrity Chef Anthony come out of it. During the interview with her ex-husband, it was noted that she is more interested in the arts and music. Some media and websites say that she is running multiple businesses and earning money.

Nancy putkoski Relationship

The relationship of nancy putkoski is not known that too after the death of famous Chef Anthony Bourdain, who is her ex-husband for her. Thus she does not even appear in any of the public events or some others, and therefore, till now, there is no information about her current relationship.

Nancy putkoski’s married life

High school life is the main thing that made these two people meet and fall in love with each other during the 1970s. They are in a good relationship and the dating for many years, and then only they get married. The main thing is that they got married in the year 1985 and have lived their life for the past two decades. Since her ex-husband said that he had extramarital affairs and also he is not interested in living a normal life, she got separated from him. Thus in the year 2004, they were separated by personal problems and other things, and then in 2005. They officially confirmed that they were separated. But Chef Anthony Bourdain got married to Ottavia Busia after two years of divorce, and for them, they have a little daughter named Ariane.

Her Husband Anthony Michael Bourdian’s biography

Anthony Michael Bourdain is a famous celebrity as he is the Chef and has won a lot of awards and fame. He was more interested in cooking at an early age, and that is the reason that he chose this career. He is not only the Chef in the hotel, but he is also the author, Television personality, etc. Thus his books and television programs are filled with foods and innovative dishes. When you think about the past, Anthony Michael Bourdain was born in New York City on June 25, 1957. Bourdain’s parents were both anthropologists, and his paternal grandfather was French. Bourdain attended Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of Rhode Island but dropped out after two years to work as a cook.

He then worked as a cook on a fishing boat off the coast of Newfoundland. Bourdain’s first TV job was as a cook on the French cooking show Les Halles de Paris. He then moved to the United Kingdom and worked as a chef on the TV show A Cook’s Tour. Bourdain then moved to the United States and worked as a chef on the TV show.

Nancy putkoski on social media

Unfortunately, nancy putkoski is not interested in social media and has no profile on that platform. But Chef Anthony Bourdain is the opposite of that, as he is available on all the social media accounts.

Nancy putkoski’s Net Worth

Thus after their divorce from the famous celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain, it is found that her net worth of her is less. That is about 100000 dollars approximately as per the current calculation.


Complete information about Nancy Putkoski and her fame and limelight incident. When she got married to Chef Anthony Bourdain is explained here. After the marriage got divorced, She did not get married to any other person, and the main thing is that there is no clear information about her. The reason is that she is not attending public events or even social media.


How long was Anthony Bourdain married to Nancy?

Thus according to the information, they get married in the year of 1985. But after twenty years, their marriage life came to an end. They are separated in the year 2004, but the news was officially confirmed in the year 2005.

How Nancy Putkoski became famous?

She is not a famous celebrity as she avoids the limelight. But she becomes well known to others after getting married to Chef Anthony Michael Bourdain.

Does this couple have children?

Unfortunately, even though they have enjoyed the twenty years of marriage life, they do not have any children.

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